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Suite Licensing
LanLicenser automatically allocates licenses for suites and individual applications to give maximum usage for least cost.
Software Version Control
The administrator can define whether different versions of the same application are recognized as separate products or as one.
Application Start up Messaging
Custom messages can be displayed the first time or each time users start applications.
Inactivity Monitoring
LanLicenser can monitor inactivity and warn users if they have not been using an application for a definable time. Inactivity monitoring is fully functional across multiple windows. Inactive applications can be closed down if required, making it available for use.
Support for Virtual clients
LanLicenser can monitor virtual machines, and collect usage data for software installed on these virtual machines.
Detect 64-bit applications
LanLicenser 4.1 now monitors any and all 64-bit applications that are executed on your Client workstations
Automatic Call Back for Denied Users
If users are denied access to a product, they can be automatically notified when a license becomes available on a guaranteed, prioritized basis.

For more information on the Metering capabilities of LanLicenser, download the LanLicenser Datasheet and the LanLicenser FAQs brochure. 

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