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Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership

In the recent years, firms of all sizes have been under increasing pressure to tighten their costs and improve asset utilization. The concerned assets are not only the firms' physical resources but also software assets.

From this comes the concept of Software Asset Management (SAM): a set of policies, procedures, technologies and people within an organization all working towards enabling the organization to increase the value it gets out of its software assets while helping reduce costs and legal risks such as copyright infringement.

With a structured control method, the enterprise can manage and influence total cost of ownership (TCO), which in turn can enable the control and reduction of IT costs. As important as knowing “what applications are on my network?” is knowing “how often is each application actually being used, and by whom?”

By giving you complete visibility on software installed vs. actual usage, LanLicenser enables you to purchase, install, upgrade and support the applications actually required by end-users to perform their business duties while redeploying or retiring unused licenses.

This tighter adjustment of application portfolio to business needs will reduce the total ownership cost of your desktops dramatically.

What Gartner says:
"Enterprises that fail to integrate software usage and inventory data to manage their software assets will over-buy licenses for 60 percent of their portfolio and be out of compliance on 30 percent of their portfolio." "Organizations with 1,000 to 3,500 users are saving between US$500,000 and US$1,200,000 annually in license fees by metering software."

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