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LanLicenser Enterprise Edition is a separately licensed module available for the very large multi-location or multi-national organization. Enterprise Edition has been designed especially to enable administration and reporting for an entire organization however large or widely spread to be handled from a single central site. It provides further levels in the hierarchy to add parent-child site relationships or even grandparent-grandchild site relationships to ensure that LanLicenser is scalable to even the largest global enterprise.
Central administration
All reporting and license administration can be handled from a single central location thus minimizing the amount of time necessary to manage the largest network. Individual sites can optionally select to manage their licenses on a local basis if some applications are only relevant to that site.
Data collation
Information can be gathered and collated between sites in detailed or summarized format. Communication between sites can be scheduled to coincide with periods of low network traffic.
Fault tolerance
Full data encryption, roll-back and restore capabilities ensure the greatest security and fault tolerance.

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